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If you’re looking for a great function room in Hull, the Hull Marina Hotel has plenty to offer. There are always some great package offers and deals available, as well as a variety of rooms to choose from.

Want to know more about these rooms or why they are so useful? Here’s some helpful information on why our location makes an ideal choice for any gathering, party or event.

Why would you use a function room?

Our function rooms are designed to be versatile spaces full of potential. Many people often choose to hold various family gatherings and celebrations, such as birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries. This can also include other occasions, such as funerals, where a large central space is needed.

Likewise, businesses also use our rooms for various corporate events or even the occasional office party. The versatile nature of our rooms means that we can cater to events both large and small, providing an ideal location for any occasion in Hull.

What features do our function rooms have?

Our function rooms have various features, depending on the room in question. Access to a bar, for instance, is quite common, allowing your guests to stay refreshed throughout. Furthermore, each room can be furnished to meet your needs, so the tables and chairs can be arranged to accommodate your specific number of attendees.

Similarly, we offer additional services, such as live music and DJs. These can be asked for separately but there are also a number of package deals for popular events – such as wedding celebrations and Christmas parties – where this is included.

Of course, the nature of what is available will depend on which spaces or executive rooms you are looking to hire out. You might not need the biggest space available, for instance, so a smaller room can be prepared if needed.

The benefits of our function rooms

There are three main benefits to using function rooms at the Hull Marina Hotel. The first is ease of access. As a central hotel in Hull, we offer a location that is easy to reach in the city, which is ideal when people are coming from various locations.

Furthermore, as a hotel, we can cater to guests that are coming from further afield, or simply do not want to head home that night. Our rooms are often available, so guests can book one in advance to secure somewhere to sleep, leaving at a time that is much more convenient.

Additionally, as part of the hotel, there are additional services and features available for you to make benefit of. Our hotel has some great dishes in our restaurant, so it is easy for us to cater to large gatherings. This can include food served in the function room, or even just having a meal at the restaurant itself, ahead of the planned event.

In other words, it’s the ability to adapt and be flexible that is our biggest advantage, so make the most of it! These spaces can cater to all sorts of events, all while offering an ideal location with all the benefits of a modern hotel.

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